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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet the Scientists!

Hello Students!

It was great seeing some of you and talking with you today. Thanks for being prepared with great questions. I've also enjoyed reading all of your comments on the blog. I have taken lots of photos, and I can't wait to share them with you when I return.

Here is your assignment for today in the Computer Lab. There are two parts to the assignment. Please work hard and do your best.


Part 1: We are working with two wonderful young scientists named Rebecca Hazen and Mark Fox. Scientists who study caterpillars and butterflies are called lepidopterists.
of three (3) questions that you would like to ask these scientists. You can ask them questions about their backgrounds, education or jobs. Type your questions in the Comments section of this blog.

Part 2: Click here to play the Planet Green Game. You will learn about how to make good environmental choices and reduce climate change. When you finish, tell me how many points you received. Type your total in the Comments section of this blog.

Keep up the good work --- see you soon.


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